Online Games and Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty has been an all-time favorite for girls all over the world. She tends to be a beautiful and cuddly character with quite a number of adventure games available to give a pleasant experience. These games are great for both family and friend interaction and they never will disappoint.

Hello Kitty came to existence long ago in 1974 as a character with a red bow created by Japanese Company. Hello Kitty is a cute character that millions of girls of different ages and even some boys do love this fun character. Hello Kitty was designed to have an adorable, innocent and playful appearance that waits for her friends to come play with her through fun and entertaining Hello Kitty Games.


Afterwards, this character became well known throughout the world and people began to use her as trademark on clothing, accessories, soft toys, etc. The fans of this beautiful character began to increase day by day and her items are collected by these people which make it possible. This character was designed basically to love baking, cooking and playing with her friends.

Hello Kitty Games were introduced to Japan in 1992 then went viral to the rest of the world. Now you can find these games online and they won’t ever bore you. There are thousands of Hello Kitty games available for you to choose from. The most interesting part is that most of these games are available for free – you can easily play and interact with any hello kitty game of your choice. Remember, they can be played with all ages so if you are a parent, you can play it with your kids and if you are a teen, you can play it with an elderly person.

hello_kittyHello Kitty games come in lots of forms as it touches different aspects so you can expect an environment that focuses on baking, cooking, clothing and the list goes on. For some families, Hello Kitty games help to build strong bond among parents and their kids when they play frequently together. This is in fact very rewarding. If you ever feel bored and would like something fun and yet creative/eye coordinating, try some awesome Hello Kitty Games and tell a good story thereafter. It is more than just a game!

Where can you find these games? Everywhere! There are many places on the internet where you will find amazing hello kitty games. Most of these sites do not have any unnecessary distractions so that you can have a smooth time playing.

Online Games a Boon or Bane

onlinegaming-toc2010In my childhood days I have grown up playing a large number of outdoor games and indoor games, which helped in the physical and the mental development of my body. But whenever I look at my seven years old kid, I always find home playing only with his computer game, without moving any part of the body. My kid is turning into a couch potato, and have no interest in playing adventure sports or other outdoor activities.

Research studies

If you take a keen look you find a similar story with every child of this age. Though there are some games which do have an educational side, but according to a study conducted on the children interested in playing games 32 % of the kids prefer to play violent game, while 29% of the kids like playing sports oriented game, the number of the children playing educational games is extremely as low as just 2 %.

Ill effects

If the research results have shocked you, then you will be shocked furthermore, when you will come to know the ill mental effects your child might undergo, if he likes playing too much. The violent games inflict a sense of brutality in the kids, which affect their mental state.

Evolution of the Online Computer Games

online-gamesIf you are a lover of the computer games then you must try with the one that are available with the internet as online computer games, no doubt you will experience an utterly different gaming experience. For quite some time I have been associated with writing blogs on various types of computer games, and the online games with their increasing popularity certainly need a vivid description.

Categories of online computer games

There four different categories of online games. One of this kind can be played on a browser window but for that you will have to log on to a particular website. Some of the games can be played on game forums or on social media, and these games are text based. However in case of those games that are loaded with lots of graphics, then you will need to install the software package. is referring to an online game where people while they are playing with this game, one can competes with their opponents over an internet line, while some other can play the game through email. Though paying through email we the only ate the primary time when the online games were created. During those times the Multi-User Dungeons were the most popular types of the computer game that were played.

Requirement of playing online games

Till now, we have discussed the kinds of online games, but now I will tell you the requirements, that you must keep arranged, if you are very passionate about playing the computer games. The foremost requirement is to have a high speed internet connection, that will ensure you un-interrupted playing. Next ensure if you have enough hardware and memory support to ensure you playing the game properly, as games with high end graphics need more memories and few hardware settings to run properly. However the secret of the popularity of these games is the lack of their geographical barrier, players from any part of the world and play and compete in these online computer games.

Think Of a Career in Designing Computer Games

online-logosIn the last few decades designing computer games have evolved as a very good career option, thereby making many game lover’s dream come true. The designers of the computer games knows the best that can be created fulfilling the demands and wishes of the game lovers. So everyone who loves playing computer games dreams of becoming a game designer, and design a game according to his own imagination. I always had a passion for playing computer games and hence I landed up becoming a game designer and today I have designed my dream computer game.

Career scope of computer games designing

Since this gaming industry have boomed up in the recent years therefore, if you are thinking about a career in computer designing, then without a doubt you will land up in having many lucrative offers. However the designing part is very difficult, and you will need to work rigorously, and gain expertise in programing languages and various kind of operating systems. The best way to start a career in this field is to pursue a degree course in computer science, although it is quite a difficult course. In my college, only one friend of mine out of six friends could complete the whole course, as one will need to do a whole lot of subjects like advanced math, and difficult programming languages, and lots more.

Best suited

This career of computer games designing is the best suited for those, who are never bored at learning programing languages, and are never bored at studying new codes for their games. If you wish to become a good game designer you should never be bored with these rigorous tasks. Even the working environment of these gaming companies is a lot more different, the company management will always expect you to be very creative. One of my designer friend admits that though there are many options in this designing field, but this industry is much more different that an amateur thinks it to be. However if you are not that much good at programming languages and yet you want to be in then field, that there are other things that you can excel at. Good writer and artists are also very essential in game designing, as these people are in charge of the imagination part of any game. Graphic designers also have a huge demand in this gaming industry.